Features & Effectiveness

Many reasons to choose FDNS Nose Filters than a traditional dust musk:
  • More effective filtration (up to 99.9% of Airborne Matter)
  • Much longer usage time before replacing (up to 24 hours per pair VS only 3-4 for traditional masks)
  • Much more discreet (barely visible from a short distance)
  • More easy to carry and store, especially during travel
  • Much more affordable for continuous  / long-term use
  • USA Made , Tested and Patented
Not each person can respond the same to the Nose Filters, however based on Scientific studies (that can be found in our Blog posts) and as reported the vast majority of our customers (testimonials are provided in our website and in several other external websites), there is usually drastic improvement in the Nose Filters user's respiratory and overall health, especially when it comes to prevention of allergic reactions caused by airborne particles and pollution.
According to the manufacturer, you may wear the filter continuously for up to 24 hours. You may do all your everyday activities including sleeping while wearing the filters.