Features & Effectiveness

There are scientific studies showing that nose filters allow you to filter to a high degree most types of airborne particles when inhaled via your nose. Those particles may include airborne viruses including the flu-virus, coronavirus, or other viruses.

Currently, there are no official studies investigating the level of protection of nose filters specifically against viruses, including coronavirus, but there are several indirect studies that can help us extrapolate some reasonable conclusions.

In short, nose filters cannot guarantee to you 100% protection against any virus, including the flu-virus or/and the coronavirus (and frankly speaking, no honest company can make this claim for any of their products), but they could be a good additional step for you to add one more layer of protection against airborne viruses.

You can read in more detail about our evaluation of nose filters against the coronavirus here.

Many reasons to choose FDNS Nose Filters than a traditional dust musk:
  • More effective filtration  than most masks(up to 99.9% of Airborne Matter)
  • Much longer usage time before replacing (up to 24 hours per pair VS only 3-4 for traditional masks)
  • Much more discreet (barely visible from a short distance)
  • More easy to carry and store, especially during travel
  • Much more affordable for continuous  / long-term use
  • USA Made , Tested and Patented
Not each person can respond the same to the Nose Filters, however based on scientific studie(s) (that can be found in our Blog posts) the nose fitlers do effectievly reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter, which typically contains mirriads of allergens that often trigger asthma. There is also consistent, emperic evidence of the effectiveness of the nose filters as reported the vast majority of their users (testimonials showing in our website and in several other external websites), shows that there is usually drastic improvement in the Nose Filters user's respiratory system health and overall health, especially when it comes to prevention of allergic reactions caused by airborne allergens and pollutants.
According to the manufacturer, you may wear the filter continuously for up to 24 hours. Some user reportedly do both outdoor and indoor everyday activities while using the filters without facing any issues. Officially, we suggest that you use them only when you have to (as is the case with dust masks), for example outdoors during days with heavy paritculate pollution. You shoud be always cautious when first using the filters, and wear them only for limited time (15  minutes) during your first application before gradually increasing the time that you wear them, once you realize that the are no negative effects occuring from their use.