FILTRI NASALI (7 paia in una confezione)


I filtri nasali FDNS sono brevettati, ipoallergici e made in USA. Sono degli stickers filtranti che offrono una protezione discreta ma efficace dalla polvere, dagli allergenici, da batteri e da virus contagiosi come l’influenza.


  • Blocca (Tiene fuori) virus e batteri
  • Blocca polvere ed allergenici
  • Facile da utilizzare e discret
  • Sicuro ed ipoallergenico
  • Brevettato e made in USA

Una confezione contiene 7 paia di filtri nasali, che dovrebbero bastare per 7 giorni di uso continuo (fino a 24 ore il giorno). Questo vuol dire che il prezzo medio di ogni paio costa pochi euro. Quindi tutti si possono permettere un’aria pulita e senza allergenici per 24 ore il giorno.

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Cosa dicono sui Filtri Nasali

“Questa roba funziona…, ti aiuta a non ammalarti

Questa roba funziona, sono un camionista e viaggio in tutti gli Stati Uniti, in tempo buono e brutto. Quando li metti e’ meglio lasciarli per il piu’ possible senza toglierli. Rimuoverli e rimetterli non si attacono molto bene”

This stuff works…, it’s just preventing from you getting sick

This stuff works , I am a truck driver I travel all over the USA with all kind of weather , when you put them on leave them on for as long as you can , taking them off and on they will not stick that much.

Don’t pay attention to all the negative reviews, these screens work it’s hard to breathe a little bit but that’s normal you’ll get use to it, it’s just preventing from you getting sick?


BEST protection from pollen and the other allergens

BEST protection from pollen and the other allergens and stinky air. Stinky air here is the controlled field burnings, and even the chicken crap fertilized fields!! It’s very easy to breathe with these on, and the filters really do stop or catch the irritants.

I did not get the FLU this season, and so far, the bronchitis and sinus infections have stayed away too, course I know the season for heavy pollen and all those other irritants has just started, but so far, working great.


My wife and I travel to Europe a lot…Result: Neither of us got sick!

My wife and I travel to Europe a lot and one or both of us used to get sick 3 to 15 days after flights.  Along came First Defense. We just completed a trip to Europe on 6 flights with people coughing and sneezing all around us as usual.

We used First Defense on every flight. Result: Neither of us got sick! It’s important that you blow your nose and clear out all fluid in your nostrils with a tissue before you put First Defense on. If you don’t, the filter can get plugged by fluids in your nose.


I can now go out … without the worry of an asthma attack.

This product changed my life. My son found these watching a old season of shark tank. I have allergic asthma. I live in Florida so during the late winter when the pollen is coming off the oak trees I was confined to my bubble. I can now go out with my filters without the worry of an asthma attack.

I started with the large filters and moved on to the medium, they fit perfect. This is a great product. Follow the you tube video on shark tank if you are having difficulty applying them.

Jonathan T. Ramsay

I now work out in my yard for hours with no problem at all

I had a serious problem with allergies. I could not mow my own lawn, or work out in the yard without having a huge problem. I’d have to work for half an hour then come inside and do nasal flushes, take pills, sometimes a shower… just to be able to work in my yard. With the nasal screens I now work out in my yard for hours with no problem at all. I love them.

ByJohn Gattion

When putting up … the nasal screens, I don’t sneeze at all

I love this product! I help mow hay for my horses and have terrible allergies to the grass and of course pollen is everywhere when mowing it. I normally sneeze constantly when putting up the hay but with the nasal screens, I don’t sneeze at all. They are more difficult to breathe through (about like having a stuffy nose) but I get used to it and it beats having a stuffy nose for days. At the end of the day, the nasal screens are covered in dirt so I love these for the fact that dirt didn’t go in my nose. For the few days I need them, they are well worth the cost.


we spent 18 days in China…. None of the rest of us even caught a cold!

Before traveling to China, we had learned of the air pollution and that most travelers would get sick while in China.  This product was hugely successful as 98 percent of all illnesses are air born. So, with our nasal screens ,we spent 18 days in China. One of our group felt “smothered” when she wore the nasal guards and did not wear her’s but one day. She was the only one who became very ill before we left China and for a week at home. None of the rest of us even caught a cold!!! This was 2 years ago, and I still purchase these for air travel, flu season, etc. They work very well in filtering out what needs filtering!!

Pam Milentzon

They are great for clubs and casinos where there is a lot of smoke

I have a friend who introduced me to these. They are great for clubs and casinos where there is a lot of smoke and for toxic areas, like big cities, hospitals, or countryside that have high pollen count, etc.. These are far more superior to other brands of nostril filtration; and if your careful to apply to a clean dry surface of the nostril opening, you can actually remove them and reapply them a time or two. If they did not get soiled or wet, be sure to carefully remove them from the dry nostril and apply back to the original plastic sheeting where you pealed them off from.


My husband is highly allergic to cats and dogs… had no problems after!

This product is amazing! My husband is highly allergic to cats and dogs. Whenever we’ve been invited to friends’ homes that have animals he has needed to wear a heavy duty mask. Questions were always asked AND he couldn’t eat dinner at their homes b/c of the mask covering his face. We tried these nasal screens – what a difference they have made in our lives. We recently went to a friend’s home that has 2 large golden retrievers. My husband put the screens on ahead of time and had no problems whatsoever. I could not say enough wonderful things about this amazing product!!


I put on a pair last night, and went to bed. BEST SLEEP I’VE HAD IN AGES

I have been suffering with pollen allergies this season and getting insufficient relief from OTC drugs. My husband had reruns of Shark Tank playing on TV, and the inventor of this product suddenly was on. I hopped on Amazon before the segment ended and found the product. It arrived yesterday – a thin envelope with seven sets of these nasal filters. I put on a pair last night, and went to bed. BEST SLEEP I’VE HAD IN AGES! No stuffy nose all night! Now that I’m up, I pulled them off and while walking around, it’s back to nose blowing and coughing.


I’ll recommend this to anyone wanting relief from sinus infections

For years I have suffered with sinus infections with no relief, no medicines or anything else has helped, until now, these screens may look goofy but i don’t care, they work.

Typically, about this time in October I would have had a sinus infection and been laid up for days so far so good, ill recommend this product to anyone wanting relief from sinus infections or any nasal allergies.


I am a construction worker these are wonderful and will last all day

I am a construction worker these are wonderful and will last all day!!! If I use a mask my glasses steam up and dust still comes in. My wife suffers from allergies when she does her yard work she has suffered to the point she could only stand about 1/2 hr. With these it is as if she is free of allergies. It would be nice if I could get them at the local pharmacy.

Thanks from both of us.


Applying was simple and easy.. I love this as I cannot wear a face mask

First Defense Nasal Screens are great! Applying the screens was simple and easy. The adhesive works well. I have oily skin, so I wasn’t so sure the screens would adhere well. The nasal screens are also comfortable. I used a pair today because I have a neighbouring co-worker who loves to wear perfume heavily and does not care if it makes the rest of us sick. The nasal screens reduced the smell of her toxic perfume by a lot, so I did not get a headache or become nauseous. I will test the nasal screens again when I go for a run. I love this product as I cannot wear a face mask. Face masks trigger my allergies. Thank you for your ingenuity.


Filtri Nasali Vs mascherine antipolvere

Ci sono tanti motivi per scelgiere i Filtri Nasali invece che le maschierni antipolvere tradizionali:

  1. Filtrazione piu’ efficacia (trattiene fino al 99.9% del particolato atmosferico)
  2. Un uso molto piu’ prolungato prima di sostituirli (fino a 24 ore il giorno per paio VS 3-4 ore per le mascherine tradizionali)
  3. Molto piu’ discreto (appena visibile anche da una breve distanza)
  4. Molto piu’ facile da portare e da mettera da parte, piuttosto quando si viaggia.
  5. Molto piu’ economico per uno uso continuo e prolungato.
  6. Made in USA, testato e brevettato.

Caratteristiche uniche dei Filtri Nasali


I filtri nasali bloccano fino a 99.9% delle particelle di polvere, allergenici ed anche virus, il che ti permette di respirare costantemente un’aria pulita.


I filtri sono fatti con i migliori materiali ipoallergenici che sono stati progettati e testati per tenere la tua pelle ed i tuoi polmoni sicuri e senza irritazioni.


Sono molto facili da applicare su ogni tipo di narice, in pochi secondi. Si possono anche rimuovere e riapplicare qualche volta, se necessario.


Ogni paio di filtri si possono utilizzare fino a 24 ore senza problemi, mentre le mascherine antipolvere radizionali si devono cambiare ogni 3-4 ore.


Molto piu’ discreti che le mascherine tradizionali. Sono quasi invisibili da una distanza media. Si possono metter sia all’interno che all’esterno.


I filtri sono made in USA con i più alti standard di qualita’ e portano due brevetti registrati per distinguersi da imitazioni pericolose.