Allergies and Asthma: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What to know: Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma – both are quite hazardous for human health and if the duo attacks together, the patient’s condition gets worse.

A deep understanding of their causes and symptoms will help you to identify if it’s a regular cold or you have been attacked by allergic asthma. This will let you take proper actions. And in case of allergy and asthma, the earlier the treatment starts; it’s better for health in the long run.

Today, we will explore some key causes of allergic asthma. This will help you to take proper precautions. If you are thinking only dust causes such illness, you are going wrong. Several other factors are equally responsible for this. Learn these to prepare yourself for fighting with the germs.

Also, we will analyse the symptoms of this disease so that you can easily identify the problem and consult a physician at the earliest.

And lastly, we will mention some key treatments available for asthma and allergies. Gone are those days when you had to rely on the weather, to feel better. Medical science has improved a lot and a wide range of medicines and treatment procedures are available for the patients. Some of the treatments mentioned here can be practised at home as well! This not only saves bucks but also saves your health from consuming heavy antibiotic.

So, stick to the end and let us know your point of view.


Several reasons contribute to this kind of sickness. Some of these include but not limited to:

  1. Dust – dust allergy is one of the prior symptoms of allergy and asthma. Other than skin rashes, several internal organs disorders too can be noted due to dust and smoke. From sneezing to cough and finally, to asthma – the dust has a long term hazardous potential.
  2. Weather – season change has a significant role to play once it comes to asthma. According to the medical practitioners, bacteria and virus get stronger during season change and they remain more docile during summer or winter months. So people usually become sick during season change or intermediate seasons like autumn or spring. Rainy season to comes with a lot of hazards since bacteria is more potent at this stage. Mud, dirt and rainwater further strengthen these. Also, moist weather is the birthplace for such carriers.
  3. Immunity – Immunity power is different for different people. If your immunity is strong, you may fight with a lot of germs that enter into your body. On the other hand, if you have a weak immunity power, viruses may outrun you.
  4. Genetics – Genetics often has a vital role to play when it comes to asthma. If anyone, not necessarily your parents, but any distant relative to is an asthma patient, you should be careful. Gene plays in an interesting way, you see!
  5. Lifestyle – This is one of the fundamental reasons behind asthma and allergies. If your home is dirty and full of dust, there’s a high possibility for you to have either of the two sicknesses. Again, if you are a party animal, you may have breathing troubles in the long run. Smoking is a dangerous habit to grow asthma. Also, some skin types are prone to catch allergies. Fake cosmetics, alcohol properties may elevate the chance of catching an allergy. Also, perfume and scents have a high tendency to produce skin allergy or asthma to the strong nose people. Some foods, like prawn or egg, mushroom, or milk (though this option is absolutely personal so we cannot pinpoint a particular food item) may evoke allergies.
  6. Location – Places in high altitudes often have a low oxygen level. So people who have breathing troubles may suffer from asthma in some places. For the same reason, trekking too can be challenging to such people. Also, trees or flowers (efflorescence mainly) can also give rise to allergy or asthma.

Okay, by now you must have received a fair overview of the causes of allergy and asthma. This will help you to stay alert to these reasons and reduce the chance of catching any of the aforementioned diseases.  

Now, we will mention some of the symptoms of asthma and allergy. This will help you to identify these diseases and you can take immediate actions.


  • You may feel troubles while breathing. This is very early symptoms of asthma so you need to take an adequate measure.
  • If you often catch a cold, this may be due to less immunity and an early trace of allergy. So contact a doctor and mention your medical background. He or she may prescribe an inhaler to strengthen your lungs.
  • If you find any rashes (on skin, or on tongue, eyes, or anywhere) or sneezing, or excessive hair fall right after eating a food, smelling a particular flower, or using a particular cosmetics, stop using these immediately. Your health may not approve of it.
  • If you often feel pain on heart, immediately consult a physician.

Treatments & Precautions

  • Exercise – Exercises strengthens your muscles and keeps you healthy and fit. So you should make it a practice of doing exercise every day. It will help you to fight with a lot of germs.
  • Breathe in and out – This is a traditional yet most effective method of fighting with asthma. This may not heal the disease entirely but can reduce its impact. Breathe in and out at least thrice or four times a day at an empty stomach for about 5 to 10 minutes. That’s a lot of exercise!
  • Stop smoking – Smoking is injurious to health in every way. So stop this and lead a happy and healthy life.
  • Don’t use cosmetics with astringent or alcoholic properties. This can produce skin allergies.
  • Consult a physician and regularly consume the medicines prescribed by him or her. Also, practice our outlined methods every day at home. You may also take vapour. This helps to strengthen your lungs.

Hope you have liked our informative guidelines. Let us know your thoughts.

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