Passive Smoking effects and solutions

Passive Smoking Effects

Passive smoking or also commonly referred as second-hand smoke is inhalation of other people’s tobacco smoke and by-products. Other synonyms are ‘environmental tobacco smoke’ and ‘involuntary smoking’

Passive smoking is a direct consequence of being in a smoke-filled surrounding.

Typical smoke that is produced contains over 4000 chemicals (both particles and gases), including chemical irritants and more than 70 carcinogens according to multitude of studies.

Children are even more prone to getting seriously ill by passive smoking. A child who’s regularly a passive smoker has an in increased risk of developing chest infections, meningitis, a persistent cough and, if they have asthma, their symptoms will get worse, according to NHS. The same children have also an increased risk of cot death and an ear infection called glue ear. You can read the passive smoking report here.

Over 11,000 people in the United Kingdom (UK) were estimated to have died as a result of passive smoking exposure in 2003;  Several new studies are showing an increasing death on the number of direct or indirect fatalities or sickness caused by secondhand smoking.

cigarette on flames, producing heavy smoke and displaying the passive smoking effects


Secondhand Smoking Solutions

2nd hand smoke pollutants can be distinguished mainly in Particulate Matter and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Our filters are very affective into capturing Particulate Matter that is 10 microns ore more (Pm10) which is the most common combustion by-product of cigarette smoking, for up to 99% of filtration on this category.

For much finer Particulate Matter (Pm2.5), we have studies showing up to 80% of filtration effectiveness.

About Volatile / Gaseous pollutants, we do not have commissioned any studies as it is to our knowledge and research impossible for any portable filter membrane to capture such volatiles without using a catalyst, which can have hazardous health results.

Without the technical jargon, the short answer is that yes, FDNS Nose Filters can be very beneficial against 2nd hand smoke, but do not eliminate you entirely the dangers of being exposed to it. According to our knowledge, there is no product that can guarantee you 100% filtration and complete protection against 2nd hand smoke, and if you see such claims online you should be very wary of them.

Disclaimer: This is no professional health advice and you should contact your own medical licenced specialist before using any health related products.

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