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Coronavirus and Nose Filters

The situation today The last recent strand of Coronavirus of late 2019 became an extremely concerning threat, reaching the scales of a global pandemic. We are often asked how well do nose filters perform against coronavirus and other viruses in general. The question is simple but the answer not so. Here we present you the facts according to our best knowledge, so you can formulate your own opinion. The available studies There are scientific studies showing that nose filters allow you to filter...

Coronavirus Facts and Preventive Measures

Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) Overview What We Know Till Now, and What Preventive Measures You Can Take   Coronavirus is the latest example of a mutated, viral disease that had originated from wild animals and passed onto humans, probably by food consumption. The virus is considered one of the biggest biological threads in recent history, and scientists globally have raised the alarms that up to 70% of the global population may be affected. With the increase in the number of death...

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Allergies and Asthma: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What to know: Allergies and Asthma Allergies and asthma - both are quite hazardous for human health and if the duo attacks together, the patient's condition gets worse. A deep understanding of their causes and symptoms will help you to identify if it's a regular cold or you have been attacked by allergic asthma. This will let you take proper actions. And in case of allergy and asthma, the earlier the treatment starts; it's better for health in the long run. Today, we...

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Dust Masks Vs Nose Filters comparison

Dust Masks Uses Dust masks are flexible pads to hold over the nose and mouth.  The are typically hold in place by elastic straps to protect against airborne particulates and pollutants. To see a comprehensive list of such dangers you can see this indoor air pollutant list. You can wear a dust mask in the same way as a paint mask or surgical mask. However it is perilous to confuse dust masks with other masks because they each protect against specific airborne...

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Nose Filter Guide – Learn everything about nasal filters

Introduction Finding the right Nose Filter is not an easy job. Actually, finding any Nose Filter at all cannot be considered easy, as it a not very well known type of medical health product. Before killing our enemy we have to identify them. Indoor Air pollutants The typical indoor air environment is “contaminated” with tiny substances that are usually unseen  by  the  naked  eye,  typically  measured  in  microns 3(μ).  At  natural  levels,  those substances are in quantities that typically would not harm the...

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Do Nasal Filters Reduce Allergens Research paper

Reduce Allergens Study Overview Nose masks are designed to protect you from dust and generally reduce allergens and their symptoms. They are ideal for people suffering with asthma, or for any person with sensitivity to dust and a weak immune system. To see a comprehensive list of the dangerous airborne pollutants you can check this indoor air pollutant list. To measure the effectiveness of the filters, an independent  research contacted by the University of Florida team with the following results as displayed...

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Home Air Quality Solutions Research Paper

Part II: Home Indoor Air Quality Systems Control Measures Most home air quality experts and agencies ( EPA, 2012b) agree that there three basic strategies that might be taken to deal with indoor air quality issues: Source control → A.I.R. strategy Dilution control → Ventilation  systems Extraction control → Air cleaners Source  Control  is  the  process  of  dealing  with  the  air  contaminants  directly  from  its originating source. In this paper that process was evolved to the comprehensive A.I.R. strategy. Dilution control is the process of diluting the concentration of the...

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Indoor Air Pollutants List

Indoor Air pollutants Overview The typical indoor air environment is “contaminated” with tiny substances, known as indoor air pollutants, that are usually unseen  by  the  naked  eye,  typically  measured  in  microns 3(μ).  At  natural  levels,  those substances are in quantities that typically would not harm the occupant, but when their concentrations increase to a certain extent they can become damaging to health in various ways. Indoor air pollution describes the existence and concentration of those substances in the indoor environment. Different...

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Indoor Air Quality Introduction

Historical evolution of air pollution The topic of indoor air quality as indoor and outdoor air pollution is certainly not a new one. Throughout the earth’s 4,5 B year old history, air pollution was present originating from natural sources such as forest fires, volcanos and dust stoms. With the emergence of Homo sapiens, a new form of pollution came to be added to the naturally occurring one: Anthropogenic air pollution, originating from human activities such as fuel combustion for heating...

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