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FDNS Nose Filters are patented, hypo-allergic, USA made filtration stickers that offer you discrete but effective filtration against dust, allergens and even have potential to reduce inhalation of airborne viruses* (such as the flu-virus, coronavirus etc).

✓ Reduce airborne viruses

✓ Reduce dust and allergens

✓ Easy to use and discreet

✓ Safe and Hypo allergic

✓ Made and patented in the USA

One pack contains 7 pairs of nose filters, enough for up to 7 days of use.

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FDNS Nose Filters VS Dust Masks

Many reasons to choose FDNS Nose Filters over a traditional dust mask:

✔️ More effective filtration (up to 99.9% of Airborne Matter)

✔️ Much longer usage time before replacing (up to 24 hours per pair VS only 3-4 for traditional masks)

✔️ Much more discreet (barely visible from a short distance)

✔️ Easier to carry and store, especially during travel

✔️ Much more affordable for continuous/long-term use

✔️ USA Made, Tested, and Patented

 Unique Features of the Nose Filters


Blocks up to 99.9% of dust particles, allergens, and potentially viruses* allowing you to breathe constantly clean air.


Made with the highest quality hypo-allergic material that is tested and designed to keep your skin and lungs safe without irritations.


Very easy to apply to any type of nostril within just a few seconds.  You can even remove them and stick them again for few times if needed.


Each pair of filters can be used for up to 24 hours with no issues, while traditional dust masks need to be changed every 3-4 hours.


They are much more discreet than traditional dust masks and almost barely visible from a medium distance. It can be worn both indoors and outdoors.


The filters are made in the USA with the highest standards and have two registered patents to protect our consumers from unsafe imitations.


*You can read our latest article for the assumed potential of Nose filters against viruses here.

Quality Standards & Safety

Our filters have been proven to be effective in reducing the inhalation of dust, pollens, allergens, silica, respiratory droplets, pollutions and other irritating and dangerous airborne particles. First Defense Nasal Screens are made in Monticello, Indiana and are 100% USA made product.

Their lightweight, non-noticeable appearance and soft, comfortable fit with their high efficiencies have proven to be a hit with consumers with a 60% plus reorder rate and a 99.96% acceptance rate.

The filters are USA made with hypo-allergic materials and had been tested for their safety via several studies (you can find the results of those studies in our Blog articles). Additionally, as a business, we never had a complaint about any allergic reaction to the filters but it is always wise to test the product to a non-sensitive part of the skin, for several short time periods before proceeding with extended use.


Proof for Effectiveness Against Allergens

Not each person can respond the same to the Nose Filters, however, based on scientific studies (that can be found in our Blog posts) the nose filters do effectively reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter, which typically contains myriads of allergens that often trigger asthma. There is also consistent, empirical evidence of the effectiveness of the nose filters as reported the vast majority of their users (testimonials showing in our website and in several other external websites), shows that there is usually drastic improvement in the Nose Filters user’s respiratory system health and overall health, especially when it comes to prevention of allergic reactions caused by airborne allergens and pollutants.


Experience The Filters Yourself!

Still using dust masks? Sadly, not only dust masks are embarrassing to wear, but they are also very ineffective to prevent dust from getting inhaled as they allow for particles to pass through open gaps on the side of the mask.

Our filters are designed to be applied easily and stick well on the boundaries of your nostrils to provide really effective filtration of all surrounding particles.

The nose filters are discrete to wear and easy to apply, safe to use and hypo-allergic, USA made and patented, and most importantly give you almost complete protection from dust particles, allergens, dust, or other pollutants!

Experience yourself what makes our Nose Filters, the best of its class! Order your package, containing 7 pairs that are enough for up to entire week of continued use!


The horrible health effects of bad Air Quality

The need for a high level of Air Quality, indoors (IAQ) and outdoors isn’t new and it is certainly justified. There are several studies showing the extreme effect on life quality and even life expectancy when you have to live in polluted environments.

This scientific study as published by the Ecological Indicators  journal reports that just an “on average, an increase in pollution particles in the air of 10 micrograms per cubic meter cuts victims’ life expectancy by 9-11 years

Another scientific study by the World Health Organization reports that “7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution” and that there is a strong link to diseases such as cancer,  strokes, heart disease and others.


Take action and protect your health now!

The big question is: Can you really afford to lose a few decades of your life? Or should you take action right now? Using our patented nose filters is among the most immediate, affordable and effective measures you can take to decrease your daily exposure to harmful pollutants for up to 99.9%. The laboratory studies are proving out nose filters effectiveness.

The nose filters/ nasal screens are available for sale on our online shop for around 2.5 euro for each pair (18 euro per pack containing 7 pairs). Those nose filters can provide effective protection against allergens, dust, microbes, viruses, and other pollutants for up to 24 hours!

However, just using the nasal screens/nose filters is not a comprehensive solution against the constant threat of air pollution. This is why we, the team of MyHeallthyAir has developed the A.I.R. strategy: A stands for Awareness of indoor air quality issues, I for Insight on the possible sources and the available measures, and R for a direct response to the situation. To read more about the method read the AIR Strategy guidelines

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12 reviews for Nose Filters Pack (7 pairs inside)

  1. George

    I’ma travelling salesman and much of my time is spend in dirty warehouses or driving delivery vans. I have used those filters and I’m amazed for how well they help to keep me sneeze-free! I am not sure if this is related but also I stopped having red eyes while driving.

  2. Aaron

    For years I have suffered with sinus infections with no relief, no medicines or anything else has helped, until now, these screens may look goofy but i don’t care, they work. Typically, about this time in October I would have had a sinus infection and been laid up for days so far so good, ill recommend this product to anyone wanting relief from sinus infections or any nasal allergies.

  3. Glenda

    BEST protection from pollen and the other allergens and stinky air. Stinky air here is the controlled field burnings, and even the chicken crap fertilized fields!! It’s very easy to breathe with these on, and the filters really do stop or catch the irritants. I did not get the FLU this season, and so far, the bronchitis and sinus infections have stayed away too, course I know the season for heavy pollen and all those other irritants has just started, but so far, working great. They are easy to use, work great, sometimes I get a few stares as they are noticeable up close. I try not to wear out in public if I am with friend or family member.

  4. ByJohn Gattion

    I had a serious problem with allergies. I could not mow my own lawn, or work out in the yard without having a huge problem. I’d have to work for half an hour then come inside and do nasal flushes, take pills, sometimes a shower… just to be able to work in my yard. With the nasal screens I now work out in my yard for hours with no problem at all. I love them.

  5. Pam Milentzon

    Before traveling to China, we had learned of the air pollution and that most travellers would get sick while in China. About that time, one of our group watched a Shark Tank television program that showed their MAJOR success stories. This product was hugely successful as 98 percent of all illnesses are air born. So, with our nasal screens ,we spent 18 days in China. One of our group felt “smothered” when she wore the nasal guards and did not wear her’s but one day. She was the only one who became very ill before we left China and for a week at home. None of the rest of us even caught a cold!!! This was 2 years ago, and I still purchase these for air travel, flu season, etc. They work very well in filtering out what needs filtering!!

  6. Anon

    I am a construction worker these are wonderful and will last all day!!! If I use a mask my glasses steam up and dust still comes in. My wife suffers from allergies when she does her yard work she has suffered to the point she could only stand about 1/2 hr. With these it is as if she is free of allergies. It would be nice if I could get them at the local pharmacy.
    Thanks from both of us.

  7. Carlos

    This stuff works , I am a truck driver I travel all over the USA with all kind of weather , when you put them on leave them on for as long as you can , taking them off and on they will not stick that much. Don’t pay attention to all the negative reviews, these screens work it’s hard to breathe a little bit but that’s normal you’ll get use to it, it’s just preventing from you getting sick????

  8. Berry

    I have a friend who introduced me to these. They are great for clubs and casinos where there is a lot of smoke and for toxic areas, like big cities, hospitals, or countryside that have high pollen count, etc.. These are far more superior to other brands of nostril filtration; and if your careful to apply to a clean dry surface of the nostril opening, you can actually remove them and reapply them a time or two. If they did not get soiled or wet, be sure to carefully remove them from the dry nostril and apply back to the original plastic sheeting where you pealed them off from.

  9. Jonathan T. Ramsay

    My wife and I travel to Europe a lot and one or both of us used to get sick 3 to 15 days after flights. We used the version of Zycam you coat the inside of your nose with to keep from getting sick on planes and we never got sick again. But it was pulled from the market because some people claimed they lost their sense of smell. We stocked up on them but ran out. Along came First Defense. We just completed a trip to Europe on 6 flights with people coughing and sneezing all around us as usual. We used First Defense on every flight. Result: Neither of us got sick! It’s important that you blow your nose and clear out all fluid in your nostrils with a tissue before you put First Defense on. If you don’t, the filter can get plugged by fluids in your nose.

  10. Carrie

    I love this product! I help mow hay for my horses and have terrible allergies to the grass and of course pollen is everywhere when mowing it. I normally sneeze constantly when putting up the hay but with the nasal screens, I don’t sneeze at all. They are more difficult to breathe through (about like having a stuffy nose) but I get used to it and it beats having a stuffy nose for days. At the end of the day, the nasal screens are covered in dirt so I love these for the fact that dirt didn’t go in my nose. For the few days I need them, they are well worth the cost.

  11. Rose

    This product is amazing! My husband is highly allergic to cats and dogs. Whenever we’ve been invited to friends’ homes that have animals he has needed to wear a heavy duty mask. Questions were always asked AND he couldn’t eat dinner at their homes b/c of the mask covering his face. We tried these nasal screens – what a difference they have made in our lives. We recently went to a friend’s home that has 2 large golden retrievers. My husband put the screens on ahead of time and had no problems whatsoever. I could not say enough wonderful things about this amazing product!!

  12. Farrell

    First Defense Nasal Screens are great! Applying the screens was simple and easy. The adhesive works well. I have oily skin, so I wasn’t so sure the screens would adhere well. The nasal screens are also comfortable. I used a pair today because I have a neighbouring co-worker who loves to wear perfume heavily and does not care if it makes the rest of us sick. The nasal screens reduced the smell of her toxic perfume by a lot, so I did not get a headache or become nauseous. I will test the nasal screens again when I go for a run. I want to find out if the adhesive will hold up despite a sweaty face. I love this product as I cannot wear a face mask. Face masks trigger my allergies. Thank you for your ingenuity. I have one request. Can you produce screens for various skin tones?

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