USA Patent for Respiratory Nasal Filter

Respiratory nasal filter patent overview

Respiratory Nasal Filters are designed to protect you from dust and generally reduce allergens and their symptoms. They are ideal for people suffering with asthma, or for any person with sensitivity to dust and a weak immune system. To see a comprehensive list of the dangerous airborne pollutants you can check this indoor air pollutant list.

This is the link directing to the patent granted to the inventor of First Defense Nasal Filters , Joe Moore regarding the Respiratory Nasal Filter available in our store.


In summary, the research proves very high filtering capabilities for the FDNS nose filters to reduce allergens and their corresponding symptoms. In fact, almost all the responds reported a significant reduction for allergic reactions they typically experience, an that the results get increased by using the nose filters for consecutive days.


The FDNS Respiratory Nasal Filter is made with genuine hypoallergenic materials that are safe to use on a long term basis by human, according to several studies. The production processes followed are tot he highest standard and are meant to deliver products of excellent quality to the consumer.

The exact specifications for the design and the materials used for the creation of the filters can be found in detail at the patent’s blueprints that are available on the link as shown above


You may search on  YouTube for a multitude of videos for the FDNS  respiratory nasal filters

You may click on the following article to see a comprehensive air quality guide on how to deal with several indoor air pollutant. This guide can also serve to show the several uses of the nose filters in everyday activities. Following the guide will improve your working or living environment and thus your living standard.

You may also read about the Air Quality Index and methods applied by several government and independent agencies to bring to you higher air quality in your lives!

usa patent for nose filters - - Respiratory nasal filters

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