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Introduction Finding the right Nose Filter is not an easy job. Actually, finding any Nose Filter at all cannot be considered easy, as it a not very well known type of medical health product. Before killing our enemy we have to identify them. Indoor Air pollutants The typical indoor air environment is “contaminated” with tiny … Read more

Do Nasal Filters Reduce Allergens Research paper

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Reduce Allergens Study Overview Nose masks are designed to protect you from dust and generally reduce allergens and their symptoms. They are ideal for people suffering with asthma, or for any person with sensitivity to dust and a weak immune system. To see a comprehensive list of the dangerous airborne pollutants you can check this … Read more

Home Air Quality Solutions Research Paper

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Part II: Home Indoor Air Quality Systems Control Measures Most home air quality experts and agencies ( EPA, 2012b) agree that there three basic strategies that might be taken to deal with indoor air quality issues: Source control → A.I.R. strategy Dilution control → Ventilation  systems Extraction control → Air cleaners Source  Control  is  the  process  of  dealing  with  … Read more

Indoor Air Pollutants List

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Indoor Air pollutants Overview The typical indoor air environment is “contaminated” with tiny substances, known as indoor air pollutants, that are usually unseen  by  the  naked  eye,  typically  measured  in  microns 3(μ).  At  natural  levels,  those substances are in quantities that typically would not harm the occupant, but when their concentrations increase to a certain … Read more

Indoor Air Quality Introduction

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Historical evolution of air pollution The topic of indoor air quality as indoor and outdoor air pollution is certainly not a new one. Throughout the earth’s 4,5 B year old history, air pollution was present originating from natural sources such as forest fires, volcanos and dust stoms. With the emergence of Homo sapiens, a new … Read more