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Indoor Air Pollutants List

Indoor Air pollutants Overview The typical indoor air environment is “contaminated” with tiny substances, known as indoor air pollutants, that are usually unseen  by  the  naked  eye,  typically  measured  in  microns 3(μ).  At  natural  levels,  those substances are in quantities that typically would not harm the occupant, but when their concentrations increase to a certain extent they can become damaging to health in various ways. Indoor air pollution describes the existence and concentration of those substances in the indoor environment. Different [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Introduction

Historical evolution of air pollution The topic of indoor air quality as indoor and outdoor air pollution is certainly not a new one. Throughout the earth’s 4,5 B year old history, air pollution was present originating from natural sources such as forest fires, volcanos and dust stoms. With the emergence of Homo sapiens, a new form of pollution came to be added to the naturally occurring one: Anthropogenic air pollution, originating from human activities such as fuel combustion for heating [...]

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